Professional Web Hosting

Below checked sponsors and checks are presented from them.

eAds 0,10 per click. 0.05$ per referal click! Best sponsor. Does not defraud Min 10$ Recommended
Commission Junction New sponsor as a LinkShare. You can choice from more then 430 companys. Pay per click, exposures, registratoin, sales. Recently received check. Recommend.
LinkShare-Get Your Share! New possibility. Register one time and get choice from more then 400 sponsors. Amongst them there is that pay $0.15, $0.20 for call. Before 20%-30% for registration. In time of holidays they increase the payments on many programs, and playoffs of prizes.
Spedia Their new programs - pay for surfing - 0.48$ at hour. Pay for each thousand advertising banners, viewed by you, at circulation in Network by means of special popup-windows.
       Offer also to show each visitor of Your page surfacing window with advertisment, pay similarly for each thousand of show. For this necessary or take beside them on server a place under page, or use proposed in that place redirect service.
Pay For got by you adv. letters.
Safe Audit $0.10 - $0.20 per click, views, registrations. min $20

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