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Greet you, dear friend !
Really, all over the world in internet revolve millions dollars. Several most rich people of planet have earned its condition exactly on internet. And we can get its part of world money turn.
Main source is earning for ordinary user of Network there is advertisment . Exactly for advertisment to large companies are ready to pay us considerable money. You will be able to cash or that see or that propagating advertisment. Recently several companies appear in internet, paying for viewing the advertisment. The Ways of their work different. In some systems you get program, which during your surfing in internet shows advertisment. In some systems you call at to page, where in separate frame are changed advertising banners. For hours of surfing you are added determined amount and after set of certained amount you are sent the cheque. Several companies you send advertising letters, and for each such letter you get certained amount. For each attracted by you person you go some percent from their profit and you to is necessary try to attract as large as possible people. Than earlier you will begin that will more attract.
One more way of earnings there is propagating advertisments. Through you people will learn of companies or service. Basically this is used if you have its page in internet and you on it will hang advertising picture (banner).This looks thereby:
Your earnings will consist in that that people calling at to your page will see banners, click on them and go to page of sponsor. For this you cash. There is different systems of payment beside different sponsors. Some sponsors pay for exposures banners, some for clicks on him, but some for that and for that. You necessary will be review on your statistics to choose way, which more you approach. On our site you find list of good sponsors with which I advice to you to work.
Also if you lucky person, that can win real prizes in virtual raffles.
Want good luck in earnings.
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